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Series A
Market Research and Fundraising for a Vertical Farm
Executed by
  • Audit of the current materials (pitch deck, financial model) and pitch
  • Development of key selling points for potential investors, preparation to answer tough questions on market positioning and competitors.
How we helped
Fundraising Consulting
ex-VC Associate with 5 years experience at Altair Capital
Fundraising Consulting
  • Several iterations to improve every slide
Market Research
Market Research
  • Researching competitors working on vertical farming technology
M&A Analyst at farm manufacturer Kubota, ex-VC Associate at AgTech VC Rockstart
Ifarm has great potential, but it's a very complex product (mix of IT, hardware, fintech and franchise) that is hard to "sell" to VCs. They reached out to Raised to fundraise faster and on better terms.
Alex L.
Founder and CEO of IFarm
As a serial entrepreneur, I know that it's important to give your pitch the best possible chance of winning over investors. Raised helped us by diving deep into our business model and changing how we communicate our offer—I recommend them to anyone raising capital!